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Ian Lloyd - Managing Director

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Ian combines management and technical expertise with 20 years' experience in the Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS) industry. Ian has effective communication skills and the ability to provide strategic leadership of a team of project managers.

He brings a structured, methodical and constructive approach to all projects, coupled with great drive and enthusiasm.

Ian has extensive experience of all aspects of BEMS projects, from design, installation and commissioning.

Direct project experience includes a wide range of commercial projects such as Offices, Retail Premises, and Cinemas, together with Schools, Libraries, Local Authority Buildings, Hospitals and Residential.

Ian believes that whilst the BEMS industry is full of wonderful technology that will provide substantial energy savings and the ability to satisfy all design requirements, it is our duty to provide the best possible solution that best fits the clients' exact requirements.

Who is going to be left to run the BEMS after we have completed the project? Are they an Engineer or perhaps a home owner? Understanding how they want their BEMS to work is essential. Publicstar is not tied into using a specific BEMS and will select the System that best fits the project, starting with the end user.

In a School for example a simple user device to change required set points and occupancy times may be all that is required to be available to the Head Teacher or Caretaker. In some of the high end residential projects Publicstar has successfully completed, the owner has often turned out to be a technical whiz with specific requirements to access detailed monitoring data from the BEMS.


Dave Phillips - Director

managing director public star

Started in HVAC controls industry in 1978 as a service trainee for Satchwell control systems, Slough.

Moved to project engineering running jobs for the Epping, Crystal Palace, and Slough project offices.

Moved to Heventac Control Systems, running projects and control panel design.

Started small controls company building control panels and systems engineering.

Moved to S Stephenson ltd Dagenham, selling, designing and building control panels and control systems. Took over running of the company and oversaw the turnover and productivity increase of 400%.

Left in 1996 for new pastures and challenges and have worked on control panels and integrated systems ever since.

Although my field is predominantly HVAC based, I have worked on refrigeration cold rooms and supermarkets, process control, oil dispersant pumping systems both on board ship and airborne, mains distribution, water features, sewerage, waste management and processing, right up to integrated buildings management and Controls integration.

I've worked on buildings as diverse as schools, hospitals, offices, cinemas, houses, supermarkets, shopping centres, hotels, Heathrow, Gatwick and Luton, food processing plants, vehicle test cells, military facilities, listed buildings, sewerage works, district heating, energy efficiency schemes, shipping, close control test cells, pharmaceutical in fact almost anything.

Have always believed that the training instilled by the engineers I worked for when I as an apprentice still hold true.

There is a customer at the end of every order, each one as important. And they are the ones that ultimately pay your wages!

You may be appreciated for the good jobs you do but you will always be remembered for the bad ones.

What's new

June 2016

Publicstar is excited to be working with Priva's newly released C4 Controller. Which our top engineer has personally been testing for Priva.

Independent Building Controls and BEMS Installer Finalist


We have worked closely with Publicstar Solutions for many years on both residential and commercial projects and have always found them very helpful.

Fergus Traynor

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