We can install, design and mainatain your BMS

The greater involvement we have in the design of your controls strategy, the most cost effective we can make your building management system. We also work very closely with Building Services Consultants to maximise the full use of the BMS Controls on any building. Massive savings on Gas/Oil/Renewables Energy can be achieved over a lifetime of a property if designed correctly.

Each individual has their own personal view on how they wish to control their house or premises. In high-end residential projects we work closely with the audio/visual specialist or directly with the client to provide the user experience they want. This includes finish of touch screens and sensors, matched to an individual design and finish.

In commerical buildings, the user control is clearly determined to the clients requirements.

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What's new

June 2016

Publicstar is excited to be working with Priva's newly released C4 Controller. Which our top engineer has personally been testing for Priva.

Independent Building Controls and BEMS Installer Finalist


We have worked closely with Publicstar Solutions for many years on both residential and commercial projects and have always found them very helpful.

Fergus Traynor

Mendick Waring


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